recent work

14th March 2021

So much water left over from wet season storms in the Pilbara.
A windy but very colourful sunrise at Sandy Creek.

1st March 2021

A beautiful calm and colourful start to the day out at Sandy Creek, Newman.

29th January 2021

High up on Mount Nameless, Tom Price. A setting sun, wet season storm rolling in and lightning strikes that started a small brush fire.
A building storm rolling across the Pilbara landscape just outside of Tom Price, Western Australia

25th January 2021

I love capturing a "sun flare" during this time of the day. The colours cast across the Pilbara landscape are something special.
Everything "Pilbara" in this image. The rocks, colours of the skies and the landscape.
The Pilbara landscape in all it's sunrise glory!
The heavy clouds drifting over the Pilbara region, the remanence of cyclone Lucas.

9th January 2021

Calm conditions mixed with an amazingly colourful sky - I'm so happy I set the alarm and captured this stunning Pilbara sunrise!
Perfect reflection in the remaining flood waters of Sandy Creek.

2nd January 2021

Stunningly clear waters along the Albany coastline captured with my Mavic 2 Pro drone.
An aerial portrait image of the beautiful coastline of Albany, Western Australia.
The unusual shapes found in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia after harvest time.
Sunset along the coastline of Albany, Western Australia.