May / June

With the dry season in full swing it's been a busy couple of months in the Pilbara. A lot of hit and miss trying to capture some colourful skies as most of the times I was either at work or Mother Nature didn't want to play nice. I'm still happy with what I did manage to capture because as long as I've got my camera in my hand all is good!

Enjoy my images from May / June

"Stand Alone"

Golden hues of a dry season sunset in the Pilbara

Sony A7r ISO - 125  f/13 - 55mm @1/20sec

"Sunset Gully"
Colours of a Pilbara sunset

Sony A7r ISO - 100  f/13 - 18mm @0.5sec

"Sunrise Ripples 2"
Stunning sunrise overlooking a small creek in the Pilbara

Sony A7r ISO - 100  f/11 - 18mm @6sec + Lee Polariser Filter

The glassy waters of a backwater area in the Pilbara

Sony A7r ISO - 100  f/13 - 52mm @4sec

"Dry Season Hues"
Dry season sunrise hues are stunning in the Pilbara.

Sony A7r ISO - 100  f/13 - 18mm @13sec

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